Produce Sales

Our sales module has all the feature that you will need to manage your sales department efficiently.

Sales Desk

There is no better way to keep track of your "sales inventory" than with our powerful "Sales Desk". Have all of your product available for sale including product coming in, orders detail and warehouse rotation at your fingertips. Based on your needs, you can also have your price list, multiple warehouses, future orders and future products coming, all integrated and organized in one screen.

Start creating new orders without leaving your "sales inventory". Our original approach for creating orders right from your "sales inventory" gives you the advantage to keep up wth your customers in the phone and creating their order in the system at the same time.

Dynamic filters and detail sub-views are some other of our great options that you won't find in any other system and will make a great difference in the management of your sales operations.

Sales Orders

Every sale that you make is based in an "Order No", with "iSolve Produce" you will be able to keep track of every order form the moment is created up to the time is finally shipped, invoiced and collected. We have several features and options that will make your sales job very easy to handle.

Trouble Claims

We have been in the produce industry for a long time and we know that when a customer calls you to make a claim, it requires the appropiate follow up for that specific sales order down to the origins of the product. With "iSolve Produce" you have "Trouble Claims" management options that will allow you to respond efficiently keeping track of every claim and maintaining your growers informed at all times.

That is just the beginning...

If you are a shipper, we have a lot of more features that make iSolve Produce your best option.

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