Produce Warehouse

Our produce inventory module has the features that you will need to manage your warehouse department efficiently.

Warehouse Desk

Our “warehouse desk” helps the people in charge of the warehouse operation to be always in control.

All the information necessary to take everyday decisions is available for them.

Knowing what is available for immediate loading, quick access to every order, detection of product conflicts between orders and information to make decisions based in company priorities are some of the nice features that make a difference in the warehouse daily operations.

Inventory control based in pallet tags.

Is well known that keeping control of your inventory using pallet tags gives you clear benefits, some of these are:

Warehouse Transactions

In every day warehouse operations, you require and can register all kind of transactions.

  • Receptions
  • Pallet tags generations
  • Shipping
  • Shipping returns
  • Transfers
  • Repacks
  • And multiple reports for every situation

Other Modules: