Grower Accounting

Grower relations in the produce business are an area of great importance, and one of many requirements to maintain and grow their trust is having proper grower accounting.

Growers appreciate our web application

“iSolve Produce” gives you the tools to keep track of every grower product, ways to fulfill their daily informational needs and the ability to keep up-to-date a grower statement with all the details available for them all the time from anywhere.

“iSolve Produce” Live

When you use “iSolve Produce” in your company, you also have a great tool for your growers that will add immense value to your company services, the “iSolve Produce” Live website. You will be able to give every grower "web access" to their product information, statements and liquidations in real time and with the flexibility to control such access as you need it.

GL Integration

To keep control of every grower's liquidation, "iSolve Produce” uses the concept of "Contracts". Each contract is linked to a specific "general ledger" account and gives you a lot of options to fulfill your grower's needs.

Every contract has a separate grower statement.

Every season, a grower can have as many contracts as needed allowing him to see his grower’s statements separately or consolidated.

Setup automatic charges to their grower statements (i.e. commission, promotion fees, etc.)

If you oversee making sure every grower GL Account reconciles against the grower statement, you will love our solution. Our "Grower Accounting" sub-ledger will make sure every transaction recorded against a GL grower account is perfectly validated and recorded in the appropriate grower statement and vice versa.

Other Modules: